Please make sure you are familiar with the NHSRA Rulebook and the MHSRA Ground Rules!

MHSRA Ground Rules:

  • End of Arena:  In High School Tie Down, Breakaway, and Team Roping the calf or steer must be legally caught before the animal turns at the end of the arena.  In Steer Wrestling the contestant must be off his horse and in contact with the steer when the animal turns at the end of the arena.
  •  Time to Enter the Arena & Compete:  A contestant will be given 3 calls to enter the arena to compete (aprox. 15 seconds between calls).  If the contestant is not in the arena following the third and final call they will be given 30 additional seconds to enter the arena, if the contestant still fails to enter the arena and compete following the 30 seconds they will receive a no time.
  • Roping/Steer Wrestling Boxes:  Contestants in roping/steer wrestling boxes will be given 60 seconds to nod for their animal once the barrier has been secured.
  • Approved Helmets, Face Masks, Safety Vests & Mouth Guards:  Approved helmets, face masks, safety vests and mouth guards will be required for contestants in bull riding (both A & B bulls), junior steers, and the Build a Cowboy Program events.

*The ground rules are subject to the discretion of the judge.