After the Nationals that year a “quest” was started in earnest, to have our own association here in Manitoba. Sandra and Wayne Sagin were instrumental in gathering a small group of adults to see if there would be enough of a commitment towards an executive that would work towards organizing Manitoba High School Rodeo. At that point key positions were discussed, and Paul Phillips offered his wife’s services as secretary, Beverley Becker said she would do the Treasurer’s job, Marilyn Cochrane offered to do the points, and Sandra Sagin would be the Queen Co-ordinator. Pat Kleemola was also there and agreed to look after call entry for the rodeos. With a lot of humming and hawing Albert Outhwaite agreed to be the president, while Wayne Sagin took on the First Vice and Art Cochrane the Second Vice. A meeting was then advertised for all interested students and adults in hopes that an official start could take place.

On Sunday, February 12, 1995, a large group of youth and adults met at Carberry to lay the beginning of the MHSRA. Speaking to the group was Dale Claypool, National Director for Saskatchewan and Val Toews, Provincial Secretary for Saskatchewan. Following the discussion a steering committee was formed to prepare a proposed constitution and by-laws, which were later, approved by the general membership and by the New Members Committee of the NHSRA.

Elected to the executive were: President – Albert Outhwaite, First-Vice President – Wayne Sagin, Second Vice-President -Art Cochrane, Secretary -Lois Phillips, Treasurer – Beverley Becker. Executive Directors were: Butch Locke, Craig Becker, Lorraine Boyes, Al Brown, Paul Phillips, & Roger Lage. Rick White was later approached to be our National Director and accepted.

That very cold winter many meetings were held to establish the constitution, set up a point system, find sponsors and scholarships, organize and set up forms of all sorts, membership applications, etc. but above all some rodeos and members! Judy & Wade McNichol were able to get the MCDC building in Carberry for these meetings and both did a lot of work towards sponsorship and fundraising.

On August 7, 1995 with 31 registered MHSRA student members, Minnedosa hosted the very first MHSRA rodeo. No one knew what would happen but the association has never looked back. In that first year much more was accomplished than was expected. After earning official membership the association held successful rodeos at Minnedosa, Ashern, Oak Lake and Shilo with the provincial finals going back to Minnedosa.

Equipment and safety equipment were purchased, safety clinics were held, grants were applied for, money was raised, and a rough drawing by Sandi Locke was chosen as our logo – the NHSRA Boot with the N changed to M and the star changed to a buffalo (because of trademark laws it was changed in the spring of 1999 to the logo above).

In 2004, the Junior High Division rodeos also started up, offering junior high school kids an opportunity to begin their rodeo education at age 12. There are events for everyone including team roping, goat tying, saddle bronc, bull riding & much more. Besides being a lot of fun, there are available scholarships.