MHSRA Graduates 2022

Brooke Heinrichs

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Reined Cow Horse, Girls Cutting & Light Rifle Shooting

I have been part of MHSRA for the past 7 years and I am currently the Student Executive Secretary. I attend High School in Wawanesa, Manitoba. After I graduate I plan to attend college and study Agricultural Sciences. I have enjoyed all my years in MHSRA and I have had the great experience of attending Nationals and Canadians! I would like to thank my parents for everything that they have done for  me during my high school rodeo career. I would also like to thank the volunteers, sponsors and all of the others who help make rodeos possible for myself and my fellow competitors. As my time in MHSRA comes to and end I am grateful for all the friendships, experiences and opportunities this association has given me. I look forward to the future ahead in both my career and the rodeo arena as well!


Reese Denbow

Events: Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Team Roping, Reined Cow Hors

Hello my name is Reese Denbow, from Boissevain Manitoba. I grew up in the rodeo scene from the time I was five months old with my mom and dad hauling me all over with them. My favorite activities are anything to do with a horse. Whether that be rodeo, trail riding, roping, or sorting cows. I’ve been a part of Manitoba highschool rodeo for two years, competing in Breakaway roping, Barrel racing, Pole bending, Team Roping and Reined Cow Horse. I have Rodeod with multiple associations but HSR is different. It’s given me the opportunity to advance my roping, riding, horsemanship and sportsmanship skills like no other Association. As well as meet kids with the same interests as me! The variety of events that HSR gives me is so amazing, it has really encouraged me to rope more competitively. As well as opened a door into the showing world for me with the reined cow horse event, a sport I now love! My future plans are to continue my career in rodeo and further my education at post secondary school in Radiology technologies.


Abby Collen

Events: Barrel Racing. Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping

I have been a member of MHSRA for five years and compete in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping, and team roping. I currently attend High School in Virden Manitoba. Outside of rodeo, I enjoy working, figure skating, and helping out on the farm.  I’m planning to attend an equine chiropractic school in the fall and then next year I am planning to go to college but I am still undecided on what I would like to take. Over the years I have made many lifelong friends and memories that I will cherish as I move on to the next stages of my life.  I would like to thank everyone involved in making MHSRA possible, board members, volunteers, sponsors and so many more. Thank you for giving kids the opportunity to not only rodeo but also learn and grow as competitors and people. Good luck to my fellow graduates, I wish you all the best. Lastly, I’d like to thank my family for everything they do for me.  


Shane Airey

Events: Team Roping, Light Rifl

I have been a part of MHSRA for 4 years. I started high school rodeo in grade 7 competing in the junior events such as ribbon roping, goat tying, breakaway roping, chute dogging and team roping. I took a break throughout grades 8 and 9. I joined again in grade 10, 11 and 12 competing in team roping and started the light rifle. Over the 4 years I was a part of MHSRA I made really good friends and I’ve been able to travel to places I’ve never been before. My future plans are to start working on a larger grain farming operation this spring and still apply for the crop technology course at Lakeland College. I hope to continue with the grain farming side of agriculture.


Brayden Byrne

Events: Team Roping

Although my years in high school rodeo were short. The memories and friendships I have made will last forever. I have learnt so much from high school rodeo not only in the arena but outside the arena as well. I hope to continue rodeoing throughout my college years where I will be attending Olds college getting my Agribusiness’s degree and also taking my rodeo to the professional level. I would like to thank my Grandpa Ken and Grandma Judy for always supporting me and being my biggest fans. Too to my Mom, Dad, and Brother  thank you, for absolutely everything you have done for me over the years. I would also like to thank my Uncle Kyle and Brenden Fisk for the countless hours spent in the roping arena making me a better roper and all the guidance
they have given me over the years. Congratulations to all the other Graduates and I’m sure you all will do amazing things in and out of the arena. Thank you to all parents, board members, rodeo committees and volunteers that made this 2022 rodeo season happen.


Chloee Fawns

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping

Hi, my name is Chloee Fawns, from Gilbert Plains.  I have been a part of MHSRA for seven years, and I have enjoyed every bit of it.  I have made many lifelong friendships, learned many valuable lessons, experienced many great opportunities and many amazing memories throughout high school rodeo.  MHSRA is a suitable place to learn new events and expand your skills.  I am so thankful that my parents have let me have the experience of being in high school rodeo.  I am currently going to school in Gilbert Plains Collegiate Institution, my future plans are to become an aesthetician.  As I am looking towards the end of my high school rodeo career, I want to thank everyone for making it possible to have so many great rodeos put on.

Sheradyn Griffith

EVENTS: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, Cutting, Reined Cow Horse

I have been a member of MHSRA for the past seven years.  In the rodeo off season you can most commonly find me in the rink, playing hockey. Through my seven years in MHSRA I have had the opportunity to compete at both the Canadian High School Rodeo Finals, as well as the National High School Rodeo Finals as a junior and senior member. MHSRA has given me the opportunity to make lifelong memories and friendships that have helped me develop who I am as a competitor and person. In the fall, I plan to attend Lakeland College in Vermilion AB, enrolled into the Animal Health Technology Program, as well as continuing to rodeo with the Canadian College Rodeo Association. As I am looking towards the end of my High School Rodeo career there is a few people I would like to thank. First, thank you to my parents. Thank you for putting up with my rodeo crazy personality, and hauling me and my herd of horses all around the province to compete. Second, thank you to the rodeo committee’s, there is truly a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow competitors for pushing me to work hard, and always cheering me on when things go right. I would like to congratulate all the fellow grads, and I hope to see you down the rodeo trail! 


Madison McGee

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, and Reined Cowhorse 

My name is Madison McGee and I am from Deloraine, Manitoba.  I have been a member of MHSRA for the past seven years.  My time in MHSRA has taught me many valuable skills both inside and outside the arena.  It has helped me grow into the competitor and person I am today.  I have met life long friends and got to experience some really cool opportunities such as travelling to the National and Canadian Finals.  I’d like to thank each and every person that helps make it possible for us to compete at various locations during the spring and fall each year.  I know just how much time and effort is put in and your hard work does not go unnoticed by my fellow competitors and myself!  I’d like to say a big thank you to my parents for giving me the opportunity to join MHSRA and compete every weekend.  They have been my biggest supporters and I would not be where I am without them! Next fall I will be going to Mid Plains Community College in McCook, Nebraska.  There I will be able to continue my rodeo career by competing on their rodeo team, as well as getting a business degree specialising in accounting.  I can’t wait to see what my final spring season has in store!  


Christina Unrau

EVENTS: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping

I have been a part of high school rodeo for two years. Now that it’s nearing the end of my time here, I wish it had been longer.  I was raised on a mixed cattle and grain farm near boissevain but I’ve always been involved with horses. Two of my older siblings were members of hsr but I was too young to join at the time. I grew up showing horses and was also a member of 4h for several years.

I currently attend high school in Boissevain. I also work part time for a vet and also a Percheron farm. I’m unsure of my future plans, but I will start by taking a veterinary assistant course as it will help me in my current job.

I have really enjoyed my time in hsr. When I first joined I was unsure about my abilities but hsr has helped me gain confidence in myself and my horse. I’ve been fortunate to be able to use my sister’s former rodeo horse and he just gives 100% all of the time and is as honest as they come. We’ve really learned to work as a team.

Thank you to all of the organizers and families that work so hard to make these rodeos happen. They wouldn’t be possible without all of the great volunteers. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported, coached and encouraged me along the way.

This is such a great organization and I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to be part of it.


Madi Robins

Events:  Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway, Cutting, Reined Cow Horse

I’ve been In high school rodeo for 2 years and In those two years I have met amazing people and friends. High school rodeo has taught me so much in and out of the arena and given me many opportunities.  I would like to thank my mom for taking to the rodeos me and supporting me every step of the way and my sister for the countless pre run pep talks 
I would also like to thank all my sponsors this past year for helping me out and my grandparents Barb and Tom for being one of my biggest fans I couldn’t do this without y’all . I am excited to take my Horse chiropractor in BC next fall and continue my rodeo career in the future. Thanks you MHSRA for all you have done it’s been the best two years!


Ethan Plett


Hailey Klassen

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway, Goat tying

This is my rookie year with MHSRA.  I attend high school in Morden.  I have been riding and around horses my whole life.  I was in 4H for 8 years and have shown in many western and English classes.  Outside of horses I enjoy snowboarding, leather work, and learning new things.  I plan to attend college in Ontario for an Equine studies diploma or possible pursue agriculture.  I want a career involving livestock, whether that’s farming, competing, showing or training.  I have really enjoyed the people I’ve met and the opportunities I have had through my passion for horses.  I am thankful for the amazing friends I have made through 4H and wrangling at Bible Camp and will make through Rodeo this spring. Thank you for all the people who work so hard in this association to make this opportunity to compete in Rodeo possible.