Welcome to Manitoba High School & Junior High School Rodeo Members

In order to compete in the first rodeo of the new rodeo season, NHSRA applications, MHSRA applications, report cards and student profiles must be uploaded to your NHSRA member account 3 weeks prior to the first rodeo as well as payment made.

To be a member in time for subsequent rodeos, all the above documents must be uploaded to your NHSRA Member Account 2 weeks prior to the rodeo date in which you would like to enter.

REGISTRATION OPENS July 1, 2023 – To register for the upcoming 2023-2024 MHSRA Rodeo season and/or to become a member of MHSRA, please follow the steps below:


Go to and LOG IN as:


Follow the steps to either Renew Membership or Apply for Membership.

     Fill in or if renewing confirm your Personal Details, Parent Info & School Info

     In the final step be sure to Download & Print:  



Download, Print & Sign this form: MHSRA Membership Application



Have the June Report Card ready


Once all forms are signed you must log back in to NHSRA & UPLOAD all forms under DOCUMENTS.  (NHSRA Release, NHSRA Member Application, MHSRA Application & the June Report Card)


Send $150 MHSRA membership fee to or by cheque to:

Manitoba High School Rodeo Association

Box 57 A RR 4

Brandon MB  R7A 5Y4

If you have any questions with registration, please email .



Complete the Student Profile and hand it in at the first rodeo of the season:  Student Profile


Other Information

Rookie Status:
To be considered a rookie you must be a consecutively paid active Junior High Division member moving up to grade 9 or be a new member to the MHSRA. If you have previously been a member in either Jr. High or High School Division you will not be considered a rookie. (effective 2009-10 season)

24 hour Grace Period:
Any written complaint will be dealt with up to 24 hours after report has been made. (effective 2009-10 season)

Dress Code :
You are responsible for your competitor/back number and it must be worn at all times once arriving at the host community and taken off after leaving host community. Full western attire (western trousers, long sleeved shirt, western boots and western hat) must be worn one (1) hour before rodeo time in warm-up areas, arena and grandstand area. Western boots must be worn and “sneaker type sport shoes” are not acceptable footwear. No tobacco or alcohol advertising on shirts, hats, etc.

You are required to wear back number at contestant dances/socials. Western trousers, western shirts (or short sleeved conservative shirt) and footwear. Hats and western boots are optional. (Conservative means a shirt/t-shirt with no belly showing, no tank tops, no inappropriate slogans or picture, etc.) Note: Cowboy Prom is the only exception! Dress is formal to semiformal and back numbers will be excused for this dance/social function only!

All helpers, judges, arena workers, contractors, assistants or parents in the arena/chute areas are expected to follow dress code – western attire: long sleeved shirts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, & trousers.

Students involved in High School Rodeo must have passing grades and good conduct in school. An entry form must accompany each contestant to each rodeo. One form is required for a two-day weekend rodeo in the one location. Forms must be completed and filled out properly requiring both parents’ signatures. Parent and teacher signatures cannot be photocopied. Failure to produce completed entry forms will result in not being able to compete at a rodeo.

-Drinking is Prohibited at ALL High School Rodeo Functions-

Report Cards
That if required documentation such as entry forms or report cards are not received after being requested by the secretary, the Friday prior to Monday of call entry, members will be ineligible to enter further rodeos until required documentation is recieved. Members will be placed on suspension.

That we accept teacher’s signature for each rodeo and year end report card in June. In the event that students do not meet NHSRA standards, students will not compete at National Finals. Suggestion for report card collection that has been done in the past:

  1. report card to come in with membership in July/August;
  2. one in November at midterm;
  3. one in March at midterm (gets eligibility for provincial finals);
  4. those that qualify for NHSRF & CHSRF hand in their final report card at year end so that secretary or someone going to NHSRF or CHSRF has a copy in case eligiblity is questioned. These report cards can be added to the student’s new memberships for the following season.